Monday, April 16, 2012

Second Entry: The Supplement MSM

MSM:  methylsulfonylmethane

My blog is just being constructed so we will say that it is "under construction" at this time and its presentation or visual aspects are very basic lacking much style of the web and blogs these days.  I am a graduate of a now defunct college (Clayton College of Natural Health) with a Master of Science in Natural Health and Nutrition.  I do not claim to be any expert, but instead someone who has acquired knowledge of the study of natural remedies, supplements and nutrition.  My advice does come with this disclaimer that any information on my blog is not to be taken as official medical advice.  One should always study more on the topic of supplements and the individual remedy that one chooses to take.  I myself have served as a "guinea pig" for many supplements.  Most have worked quite well, been harmless, done nothing or given me only minor symptoms which stopped after taking the supplement.

 Today, I would like to talk about MSM, a supplement that has helped me tremendously.  If you suffer from any chronic pain especially that of the muscle and skeletal systems than the supplement, MSM, may give you relief.  It also has great skin enhancement properties when applied topically.

 Until I can write more, please see:  This website can explain this supplement in detail.  There is also a book called the Miracle of MSM:  The Natural Solution for Pain by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D.

 I am not in anyway connected with the book or the website, but they have given me a world of information and a great starting point about MSM. 

Vitacost has good supplements and no coupon codes or MLM.  Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods are good, too.




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