Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Energy Help for Chronic Fatigue

Man! I am tired.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a myriad of potential health issues that leads to overwhelming and often debilitating fatigue.  Fatigue and health issues that stump doctors constantly.   As a CFS patient, you are often written off very quickly as having something that is in your head or something that the doctor will tell you to just live with.  Problem is, living with CFS and the often accompanying fibromyagia is a scenario where sufferers find it difficult to even function day to day.  I have suffered with CFS and fibromyalgia along with back pain.  I want to inform others about the supplement D-Ribose that can help with energy levels for the CFS sufferer.  

I knew nothing about this supplement until I read the book "Fatigued to Fantastic" by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.  Even my integrative doctor (mixing Western medicine and alternative medicine) was unaware of the benefits of ribose to those with CFS and fibromyalgia.   D-Ribose is not a cure, but it can help with energy levels and muscle pain while your doctor works with you to find the actual cause or causes of your body's meltdown.  Dr. Teitelbaum's book is one of the best resources I have found for CFS.  (I have no affiliation to him or his book) 

A couple of my issues are Lyme's Disease and adrenal insufficiency.  These cause a myriad of effects to my immune system. 

Five Carbon Sugar

So what the heck is this ribose stuff??? 

It is a simple five carbon sugar that is found naturally in our bodies.  It is used by our body to provide energy for our tissues.  It provides the key building block of ATP (energy currency in our bodies).  It is different than most other sugars such as sucrose, glucose, lactose and fructose in that those sugars are just burned by the body for fuel and become toxic in high amounts.

I suggest that you do more research to learn more about the technical nature of ribose and our bodies.  My goal is getting the word out.

Those with CFS and fibromyalgia don't make or have enough ribose in their muscle tissues including the heart muscle which further complicates the fatigue process.  By taking D-Ribose as a supplement, it replaces an important energy making ingredient for ATP by supplementation.   

Full of Energy or Increased Energy?

Weee, look at me...

D-Ribose is not going to cure or totally restore your energy levels if you have severe CFS.  It can help though.  It might help your muscles feel better.  Fatigue causes tired and sore muscles.  There is still so much we do not know about CFS and fibromyalgia.  Perhaps, if you are a little fatigued, D-Ribose will give you a full amount of energy.  Bottom line, somehow, someway, you/we have to find out the root of our fatigue and that takes time and is often so frustrating.  Getting a handle on our diet, medications, depression, stress, relationships, exercise and on and on is VERY IMPORTANT!

What I am NOT going to do:
  • Give you a dosage to take
  • Tell you that this is a cure
  • Give you all the facts
  • Tell you that this supplement is absolutely right for you
  • Sell you the supplement here (sick of those people right now)

What I am going to do

Tell you:
  • Read "Fatigued to Fantastic"
  • Read up on D-Ribose and CFS
  • Read up on Adrenal insufficiency
  • That I recommend the D-Ribose powder over the tablets 
  • That it has helped me.  I use it daily and it tastes pretty darn good and is only slightly sweet
  • To research diabetics, insulin sensitivity and candida if you have these issues (although research suggests that D-Ribose DOES NOT effect any of these issues)  I have two out of three!
  • That sometimes you just have to try things out to see if they help
  • To find a good integrative doctor or nurse practitioner
  • That I am throwing out a disclaimer that I am not a doctor and I am not intending to diagnose your health issue or claim this is a cure or best for you. 
Last little note:  D-Ribose is also good for those who are healthy and desire more healthy energy especially if you are active.


Rock on to good health!!

I don't sell supplements, but I have had good success with Vitacost, The Vitamin Shoppe, Sprouts, Whole Foods and our local HEB grocery Health sections in Texas.  The first to two are available online.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Serrapeptase for Inflammation


So I find that very few people know about the enzyme Serrapeptase and what it is used for to help your body.

Serrapeptase- Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the non-pathogenic bacteria Serratia species found in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm. The enzyme is used by the worms to digest their cocoons. Serrapeptase has been used as a nutritional supplement in Europe and Asia for nearly three decades. 

Certainly sounds weird....silkworm digestive bacteria?!!  This enzyme is used extensively in Europe and Asia for inflammation.  Many doctors instead of automatically prescribing NSAID drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen, start with Serrapeptase as a safer alternative.  Do some research and check it out!

I began using it when I had a bout of iritis (inflammation of the iris of the eye).  I was having to use steroid eyedrops several times a day, but I wanted to help my system get rid of the inflammation and white blood cells that had accumulated in my eye.  Iritis is serious and can cause damage to your vision.  Serrapeptase helped fight the inflammation in my body.  Check out proteolytic enzymes and their usage for inflammation.  One very positive side benefit was that might irritable bowel and intestinal issues improved greatly.  Serrapeptase is very good for intestinal inflammation!

If you suffer from inflammation or know someone fighting daily inflammation, tell them to study up on this enzyme.  Spread the word in the United States!  Let's help each other out.  Combine serrapeptase with your NSAID and it might let you stop using the NSAID or less.  I have taken the enzyme for years with no side effects.  Do your homework always on supplements.  Not all natural heath stores carry it and often it can be pricey.  I get my stuff from and I DO NOT work for them.  Just like them lots and I want to help people know about supplements and the biggest thing that sucks and stops people from taking supplements can be the cost.  I has happened to me.

The Vitamin Shoppe and Vitacost have good priced supplements and no coupon codes or MLM indicated here.  Just best wishes on good health!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Second Entry: The Supplement MSM

MSM:  methylsulfonylmethane

My blog is just being constructed so we will say that it is "under construction" at this time and its presentation or visual aspects are very basic lacking much style of the web and blogs these days.  I am a graduate of a now defunct college (Clayton College of Natural Health) with a Master of Science in Natural Health and Nutrition.  I do not claim to be any expert, but instead someone who has acquired knowledge of the study of natural remedies, supplements and nutrition.  My advice does come with this disclaimer that any information on my blog is not to be taken as official medical advice.  One should always study more on the topic of supplements and the individual remedy that one chooses to take.  I myself have served as a "guinea pig" for many supplements.  Most have worked quite well, been harmless, done nothing or given me only minor symptoms which stopped after taking the supplement.

 Today, I would like to talk about MSM, a supplement that has helped me tremendously.  If you suffer from any chronic pain especially that of the muscle and skeletal systems than the supplement, MSM, may give you relief.  It also has great skin enhancement properties when applied topically.

 Until I can write more, please see:  This website can explain this supplement in detail.  There is also a book called the Miracle of MSM:  The Natural Solution for Pain by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D.

 I am not in anyway connected with the book or the website, but they have given me a world of information and a great starting point about MSM. 

Vitacost has good supplements and no coupon codes or MLM.  Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods are good, too.